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blue mailbox theftBibb County Sheriff’s Office investigators are working multiple cases of forgery that are related to the theft of mail that was deposited in various blue U.S. Mail collection boxes in Bibb County. The suspects target envelopes containing checks. The suspects remove the ‘To’ information from the checks, replace it with different names, then attempt to cash the checks. In some cases, suspects use routing and account information to produce counterfeit checks. Investigators have identified and arrested multiple suspects and citizens are urged to take all mail containing checks, and any other mail containing sensitive information, to the nearest U.S. Post Office location and deposit it inside the building. In some cases, checks that were mailed in May were cashed recently, meaning that suspects have been in possession of stolen mail for over a month. If possible, make payments online. If you spot a mail theft in progress, dial 911. Be prepared to give a vehicle and suspect description if possible. Get the suspect’s tag number if safe to do so.


If you have any information which might help identify or locate mail thieves, please contact: Investigator Sgt. Jean Lebeuf: 478-310-3984