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As a way to promote HOPE and teamwork, considering all the confusion in today’s society, Macon Regional Crimestoppers purchased lunch for all 28 of the businesses that support us which are made up of law enforcement, newspaper, publications, television and radio. We contacted the Better Business Bureau and asked for a Pro Law Enforcement food preparer and was recommended to use Zaxby’s. We presented the idea to the contact person of Zaxby’s, who agreed with the working idea of spreading Hope. The Zaxby’s contact person gave the name of their cater. After sharing the idea with the caterer, Mrs. Nancy, she went to the Zaxby’s owner who has agreed to make use of three different stores accommodating all eight counties and all 28 businesses. Thank you to all the businesses that support us.

Here are a few business supporters we served Tuesday, July 14, 2020.