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Authorities look to Crimestoppers tips to solve lingering cases

3D illustration of a cold case file with a rubber stamp and the word solved. concept of successful police investigations

MACON, GA– Authorities in the mid-state are hoping citizens will help them solve the case of several homicides.

When a crime is first committed an investigation begins immediately, some of which are solved quickly, while others can linger for weeks if not years.

One particular unsolved case is Jesus Mancilla-Velez. The Warner Robins man who vanished one Saturday morning has never been seen or heard from for over six months.

With time passing by Crimestoppers tells WGXA the reward of $5,000 still stands for any information leading to an arrest. It’s important to note, the money will only be dispersed if Jesus’ missing person case turns into a homicide case.

“If Velez is found and there has been no crime, then there is no reward,” Cpl. Greg Thomas Executive Director, Macon Regional Crimestoppers. He added, “If there is a crime then we evaluate the elements of the arrest.”

“Elements of arrest could include the number of people arrested and charges laid,” Thomas affirmed.

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