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Bibb Sheriff’s Office Cracks Down on #IllegalStreetRacing in #MaconGA For reward, anonymously report tips to 1-877-68CRIME.
July 26, 2021
Bibb Sheriff’s Office Cracks Down on Illegal Street Racing
The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office towed twenty-four vehicles and cited over fifteen individuals in connection with illegal street racing and reckless driving that took place in a parking lot that is located at 3555 Mercer University Drive, on Sunday night.
Illegal street racing and stunt driving consists of large groups of pedestrians in close areas where vehicles perform high risk driving maneuvers. The drivers of these vehicles are putting themselves and the lives of spectators in danger as they perform burnouts, doughnuts, and other reckless driving activities.
There is a growing concern for the increase of incidents of illegal street races that are being reported by the citizens in our community. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office devised a plan to combat this illegal activity after receiving information that several car clubs were going to meet and perform such activities on Sunday night.
The investigators and patrol deputies made contact with spectators and drivers after observing individuals performing such reckless activity. The Investigators towed over twenty-four vehicles and issued fifteen citations for illegal stunt driving and loitering. Seven firearms were recovered and eleven individuals were also arrested on various charges.
Bibb Sheriff David Davis said, “Illegal street racing has become a problem all over the state. We see that weapons and drugs are sometimes brought into the mix to potentially make this behavior even more dangerous. The sheriff’s office will continue to act to hold responsible those who engage in this type of activity.”