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Macon Regional Crimestopper’s, Inc. has it’s third arrest from the 2022 Top 15 Most Wanted List.  Proving the importance of communication between law enforcement and the public.

The criminal element makes up a small percentage of our population, and when people get to know one another, look out for one another, and share what is known, it shows.

Stay anonymous, feel the good feeling that you did your part to help, Tip# 478.742.2330 or 1.877.68.crime, or .


As a way of sharing HOPE for those who to continue their efforts of helping, in make a positive difference in our communities, please share this information with your viewers and readers.

Thank you for your continued support of the Crimestoppers program.



Corporal Greg Thomas

Executive Director

Macon Regional Crimestopper’s

478.752.8355 office

478.752.3513 Fax