Macon Regional Crimestopper's Rewards Process

Crimestoppers offers rewards of up to $1000 for information that leads to arrest for criminal activity.  Award amounts are determined by Crimestoppers and the arrest must be directly connected to the tip.

Each tip line caller or "tipster" is provided a unique ID number, the "tip number." It's very important that tipsters keep track of this number. Because the Crimestoppers process is completely anonymous, the only connection between the tipster and the case is the tip number.  If the tip number is lost, there's no way to otherwise identify the caller or connect the tipster with the arrest.

For the same reason, tipsters must check back with Crimestoppers on the status of their tip.  If they are eligible for a reward, the same tip number will be used to complete the transaction.  The tipster will be given the name of a bank where he or she may claim the reward. Any individual with the tip number may claim the reward at the assigned bank. A check will be issued by the bank, payable to the tip number.  The same tip number may be used to endorse the check and to receive the funds in cash.


    2015 Statistics

  • Total Arrests/Inception 4,729
  • Total Warrants/Inception 8,752
  • Cases Cleared/Inception 6,903
  • Recovered Property/Inception $689,044
  • Recovered Drugs/Inception $ 226,430
  • Rewards Paid/Inception $697,172
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