Macon Regional Crimestopper's Anonymity Assurance

The Crimestoppers tip line is completely anonymous and is provided to allow information providers or "tipsters" to be sure of their privacy and to be able to help law enforcement agencies without the fear of becoming involved in the process. Calls come in to Crimestoppers through our tip line "bat phone." There's no caller ID on the phone or even buttons that might allow our staff to return the call.
In fact, it's not possible for Crimestoppers to get back in touch with a tipster. That's why the tip number we provide each caller is so important.  Every tipster will be provided with a number for his tip. That number is the only ID for the tip or the tipster. It's the only piece of information that connects the caller with the case, and tipsters must use the tip number when they call to check on a reward.

It's good to be a number.

If you call Crimestoppers with information about a crime that has been committed or about a fugitive on our Wanted list, there's no risk of being identified or involved. Our purpose is to collect information that leads to a reduction of crime in the communities we serve. The best way to do that is to protect the identity of our tipsters. To us, you're a number . . . and that's good.
    2015 Statistics

  • Total Arrests/Inception 4,729
  • Total Warrants/Inception 8,752
  • Cases Cleared/Inception 6,903
  • Recovered Property/Inception $689,044
  • Recovered Drugs/Inception $ 226,430
  • Rewards Paid/Inception $697,172
Call Our Tip Line 478-742-2330

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