Macon Regional Crimestoppers Student Program


Student Crimestoppers is a program for middle and high school students to make anonymous reports of illegal activities at the schools. The students receive a reward for their help in order to control illegal activities in our schools. Students will be allowed to report any criminal activity to Crimestoppers while at school by requesting to use the school’s telephone to call Crimestoppers at 478-742-2330 or 1-877-68CRIME(27463). The student must make a request to make the call to Crimestoppers by asking a building administrator or a Campus Police.

Upon the completion of the student’s call a special identification number called a “tip number” which is followed by the letter “S”, will be issued to the student. The received call is routed to the Campus Police.

The report will then undergo a full investigation through the Campus Police. o­nce the investigation is completed the student will receive his/her reward if the allegation is found to be true, disciplinary action is taken or an arrest is made. All disciplinary action held against any student will follow the procedures designated by the Board of Education’s policy. Crimestoppers is not involved in any disciplinary actions taken against any student or investigation of a tip or crime.

Once the student has received their “tip number”, he/she will be asked to return a call to Crimestoppers within a 24-hour period. If the claim is validated as true, or school disciplinary action is taken, the student caller will receive information as to the bank location for their reward. The special identification number or “tip number” will be used for verification at the bank that is advised to pick up their claim (any person with the special identification number is permitted to receive the reward). The student can then pick up the reward from a financial institution that will be specified by Student Crimestoppers. The tipster can o­nly claim a reward with their identification number that was issued. If the number is lost or given to someone else there will not be a new number assigned. Anyone that gets your identification number can redeem the reward given for that number. The financial institution will issue the reward in the form of a check made out to the identification number. The student should endorse the check by writing the code number o­n the back of it. (DO NOT SIGN YOUR NAME). The check can then be cashed at the time of pick up or at a later time. The check can o­nly be cashed at a Bank. All payments will be approved by the same standards of Macon Regional Crimestoppers by law.

At no time during the student transaction with Crimestoppers will the student’s personal identity be required. The student caller remains completely anonymous. The student is encouraged to call Crimestoppers from the school but can always call the tip line from their home and still remain anonymous. Remember, you are a number not a name. The identification number is your temporary name.

The following criminal activities will be paid upon tips generated through Student Crimestoppers:
  • Gun Reported and Recovered
  • Sexual Assault/Rape/Battery
  • Information o­n Automobile Thefts (Paid o­nly upon arrest or conviction)
  • Bomb Threats
  • Illegal Weapons (Any object recognized by the Board Policy as a weapon)
  • Vandalism
  • Narcotics (Possession)
  • Gang Related Crime
  • BB Gun/Pellet Gun Reported and Recovered
  • Information o­n the Recovery of Stolen Property
  • Illegal Entry of an Automobile o­n School Campus
  • Narcotics (Recovery)
  • False Alarm (Paid o­nly upon proven conviction)
  • Theft
  • Dischargeable Toy Gun
Student Crimestoppers Executive Director
    2015 Statistics

  • Total Arrests/Inception 4,729
  • Total Warrants/Inception 8,752
  • Cases Cleared/Inception 6,903
  • Recovered Property/Inception $689,044
  • Recovered Drugs/Inception $ 226,430
  • Rewards Paid/Inception $697,172
Call Our Tip Line 478-742-2330

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