Macon Regional Crimestoppers Process

How Crimestoppers Works

Leads or "tips" can be provided to Crimestoppers anonymously through our tip line at 478-742-2330 or 1-877-68CRIME (1-877-682-7463).  Callers or "tipsters" are not required to provide their name and Crimestoppers does not use Caller ID or other methods to track or trace the call. Every tip is assigned an ID number that is provided to the tipster.

Rewards are provided for tips that lead to arrests of criminals wanted in or located in our 8 county service area. Tipsters are eligible for a reward if an arrest is a direct result of the tip they provide. Crimestoppers lists photos of suspects for whom warrants have been issued on the Wanted (link) page of our website. We also encourage tips that lead to arrests for any criminal activity in our area.  Information obtained from tipsters will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation.

To claim a reward, tipsters must call Crimestoppers to check the status of the tip using the tip number. The amount of the reward is determined by Crimestoppers according the the offense and can be as much as $1000. Additional reward money may also be offered by other sources.

Rewards are issued if an arrest is made. If a reward is awarded to a tipster, funds can be claimed using the tip number. A bank will be assigned to allow the tipster to claim the reward using the same tip number he or she is provided during initial call. The bank will issue a check to the claim number and the check may be cashed with an endorsement using the same number. It's very important for tipsters to record the tip number and have it available when checking the status of their report.  Because no information about the informant is kept in our records, the tip number is the only way Crimestoppers can connect a caller with the original tip report.


    2015 Statistics

  • Total Arrests/Inception 4,729
  • Total Warrants/Inception 8,752
  • Cases Cleared/Inception 6,903
  • Recovered Property/Inception $689,044
  • Recovered Drugs/Inception $ 226,430
  • Rewards Paid/Inception $697,172
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